How to Change Colors

Some buyers are using my files as iron on transfer printable graphics.  Occasionally I get requests to change colors for various items.  In this tutorial, I will show you how to easily change colors of parts of my designs.  There are many programs out there that can accomplish this, but PAINT is a program most people have access to.

1.  OPEN the program called PAINT.

2.  Once it's running, go to FILE > OPEN and select the file you wish to change a color of - (I suggest using the JPG or PNG file type.)

3. For the Cleanest "fill" we are going to now open "EDIT WITH 3D PAINT"

4. Once 3D PAINT is open, look at the menu on the right hand side, and select similar settings to what I have circled in red outlines here:

5. With the paint bucket selected, the mouse cursor will look like a plus sign (+).  Click this cursor over the part of the image you want to change colors.  (In this case, I'm changing the ribbon color.)

6. Once you're satisfied with the color changes, you'll want to save your image!  On the top menu bar, go to the "MENU" folder and then select "SAVE AS" and save the file where you want, with a name you want.

Easy as that!