Making Iron-on Transfer Shirts

 You don't have to own a Vinyl Cutter (such as a Silhouette or Cricut) to use our files to create custom clothing.  Instead, use our included mirrored PDF's to create easy to use Iron-on Heat Transfers! 

How to make and use iron-on transfers items needed step 1 iron on transfer paper to fabric easy tutorial free

What you'll need:
• Iron-on Transfer Paper
• Shirt, bag, pillowcase (or whatever you plan to adhere graphic to)
• Home Iron
• Inkjet Printer
• Digital Download File
• Scissors

Purchase Iron on Transfer Paper
Iron on transfer paper can be found many places locally (like Staples, Walmart or Michael's craft) or you can order it online at Amazon .

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Purchase Digital Download File
Our shop is sure to have a digital file for that special occasion.  Within a few minutes of purchase, a link will be emailed to you to download your files.  Follow the link to download a zipped folder containing: SVG, DXF, PNG, JPG, PDF and a mirrored PDF.  If you're new to zipped folders, its quite easy to extract the files.

• Right click zipped folder
• Select "extract all"
• Choose where to view your files
• Files will be shown in a new window as individual file types - easy peasy!
(For iron on transfers look for the .PDF that says _mirrored.  That will save you having to mirror the image before printing.)

How to open a zipped folder and extract files for digital download files scribbledownloads easy instructions iron on transfers


There's nothing worse than wasting a sheet of iron on transfer paper! 
• Before you print onto the transfer paper, do a test run on a regular sheet of paper.  Make sure you're printing a mirror image, make sure the image size looks good on your desired material, etc.
• Once you're confident, load the iron on transfer paper according to manufacturers instructions into your inkjet printer, and go ahead and print!  Make sure you're printing on the correct side of the iron on transfer paper.  One side is the transfer and one side is a paper backing that you're going to peel off.  Each manufacturers paper is a little different but most are clearly marked with their brand on the "paper" side (the side NOT to print on)

how to make and use iron on transfer paper print at home to make your own custom shirts using our digital download files


Cut the Graphic
Once you've printed it onto the iron on transfer paper, you'll want to trim around the outside edges of the design.  Any blank spaces will appear clear / milky on your finished product - so trim edges for best results.

step by step using iron on transfers to create clothing cut around graphic step 3 digital downloads mirrored PDF

Prep your Material
• Lay your material (shirt, bag, etc) on a flat hard smooth surface that can handle high heat - not an ironing board.  (A granite counterop works super well.) 
• You don't want to have to move your material during this stage, so make sure you have plenty of room. 
• If applying to a T-shirt, put a cloth or a brown paper bag inside the shirt (to keep the image from also transferring to the inside of the shirt.)

how to make and use iron on transfer paper to create clothing easy free tutorial digital download files

 Apply the Transfer

• Place the printed transfer face down on your material making sure it's centered or exactly where you want it.  Once you iron, there's no going back!
• You need a lot of heat to get the most vibrant colors and best application.  So, turn your iron to it's hottest setting, and make sure to turn off the steam.
• Keep the iron moving at a slow steady pace, and evenly distribute the heat across the iron on transfer backing.  You'll want to apply a consistent heat for about 3 minutes.  (less if it's a half sheet size - follow manufacturers specifications.)  Go in a circle motion, or from side to side and then top to bottom.  Making sure you're giving the edges as much heat as you're giving the middle.

iron on transfer how to iron it onto a shirt easy step by step instructions

Cool Down
• Allow the Transfer and material to cool for 2-3 minutes. 
• Once cooled, gently and slowly start pulling one corner of the backing paper off the material.  If paper seems to be sticking - you didn't apply enough heat - carefully press transfer back down and reapply the iron.  The paper backing should remove very easily.

how to use iron on transfer graphics to adhere to a shirt with digital download files from step by step instructions easy

Let the garment/material set for at least 24 hours before washing.  When you do wash it, wash inside out for the first few washes.

Enjoy your Creation!

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